Photojournalism & Narrative Photography

My Narrative Story

Door 1

Door 2

Door 3

Door 4

Door 5

A Friend’s Narrative Story

Narrative 1

Photojournalism Happening in School

Photojournalism French Club

Photojournalism Happening Locally

Photojournalism Market 2

Photojournalism Market 3

Photojournalism Markt 1

All photographs by Alysa Tarrant

The first narrative series of images was taken during the day at a friend’s house. I liked her door so I asked her to model for me in front of it. I had her wear dark clothing just to add to the general mood of the photos. In the narrative story of a friend I had her wear a t-shirt with the name of her exchange program on it and I had her lay on the Spanish flag because she is on exchange from Spain. She is looking at the symbol on the flag because she will soon be returning. I had her lay near the window because it had the best lighting though the photo is still a bit grainy because I had to keep my ISO high. In the photojournalism photo of something happening at school I took a photograph at French club. People were standing around talking and eating snacks so I took a few pictures next to the snack table. I had to keep my ISO high and my shutter speed high to capture the movement and to let enough light into the camera. Finally, for the photojournalism photos of something happening locally, I took a series of images at the Farmer’s Market. They also happened to be setting up for the Brick Street Market. I keep my ISO fairly low because it was bright out and I kept my shutter speed higher in order to capture people as they walked around. I also had a wider depth of field so that the viewer can see what’s happening in the background of the photo and it’s not just one person that’s the focus.

My first series of narrative images are about moving forward in life and not staying looking at the past for too long. This year has been full of changes for me, and as friendships and relationships end it has been hard to move forward and be excited about the future (college) and what it has to offer. I wanted to visually portray the idea that when one door closes, another one opens, you just have to be brave enough to look. There are quotes hidden in each of the images (for this narrative series). I really love quotes and I felt like this would be a perfect opportunity to include them. I didn’t want them to distract from the image so I lowered the opacity and hid them within the images. As for the narrative image of a friend, I chose to take a photograph of my friend who is a foreign exchange student from Spain. In this image she is laying down on the Spanish flag and looking toward the symbol on the flag because she will be returning soon. She is also wearing the shirt from her exchange program. In the photojournalism image of something happening at school, I took a photo at French club. I wanted to capture some of the action, as well as something that everyone loved about French club: the food. I actually made those cupcakes and have often made food for French club so I was happy to include that in my picture. Finally, for the series of photojournalism images happening locally, I took pictures of the farmer’s market and the Brick Street Market set up. I really like the first image becaue of the bricks and the horizon line they create. I was also very happy with that image because the lady is walking towards me but she is looking away which feels very visually intriguing. I wanted to capture “action” in each of those photos. By action, I just mean that people were doing things and were portraying real emotion.

Overall I am very happy with my images for this project! I had higher hopes for my narrative images but what I had originally planned relied on my Photoshop skills being at a much higher level than they are. I will keep trying though and I really enjoyed learning about narrative and photojournalism photography. I also found it really interesting to learn about the laws and cases involving photography.



Project 18: Liquid



Photograph by Alysa Tarrant

Aperture: 5.6

ISO 400

Shutter Speed: 1/1000

This week for Project 18 I decided to do a high speed shot of food coloring being poured into water. I set up a clear glass of water near a window to get a lot of natural light in. I wish I had set my aperture a bit higher so that my depth of field was deeper but live and learn! My ISO was at 400 in order to let enough light in because of my high shutter speed. As for the shutter speed I set it high enough to capture the moving liquid. I’m very happy with the result and I like having the pictures next to each other. Next time I try this I think I will try zooming in on just the liquid for a different effect.

I have really enjoyed the Project 18s this year. I think they’re a great way to practice skills and to see how one has improved over the year. It’s also a great way to try out different types of photography. Thanks for the awesome year Miss Rucinski!


Outdoor Macro Photography





Photographs by Alysa Tarrant

I learned that my camera doesn’t really have specific temperatures that you can set but I can change it from automatic white balance. I can choose whether I will be taking a photo in a shady spot, or a sunny spot, etc. and from there my camera will either make the image warmer or cooler. I really enjoy macro photography because I think it’s really interesting to see what things look like up close. I definitely like outdoor and macro shots of nature better than inside, just because I think they’re more visually intriguing. I did end up having to adjust my white in editing just becaue I wasn’t completely happy with the results. I will continue to use automatic white balance because it takes much less time and if I am unhappy with the exposure I can correct it in camera RAW.


Project 18: High Speed

Before and after High speed

Photography by Alysa Tarrant

f/ 5.6


ISO 12800

For Project 18 this week I used a photo I took of the water balloon popping. I had taken a different photo of my friend blowing bubble gum and I caught it when it was popping but I didn’t like how it looked once I saw it on a big screen, so I decided to use this one instead! Because my shutter speed was so fast I needed a very high ISO in order to let enough light in. I also needed a slightly higher aperture in order to capture all of the water droplets and not have such a shallow depth of field. Overall I am very happy with this image (the edited one is on the bottom) and I would be excited to try more!

Project 18 – Time Lapse

Time Lapse

Photograph by Alysa Tarrant



ISO 800

This week for Project 18 I chose to do a series of photos of my friend getting paint dumped on her. I set up my camera to shoot multiple photos as I pressed down the shutter button and put it on a tripod. I did a few test shots to get my settings right. Since my shutter speed was fast I needed a wider aperture and a higher ISO so it wasn’t too underexposed. I wanted to keep the aperture higher though so that the depth of field was greater so the paint wouldn’t be blury. I shot in RAW so I was able to correct the exposure post processing. Overall I’m very happy with the result and I think it looks really cool!

RAW Practice

Final Studio Light Portrait

Final Studio Light Natural

Final Product

Final Pattern

Final Macro Natural

Final Lines

Final Color

Photographs by Alysa Tarrant

SOOC are on the left or the top.

I learned a lot about what shooting in RAW entails. I learned how I have more control over my image editing and exposure especially. I learned that the RAW files pick up more information from my camera’s sensor. The only part I don’t like about RAW is that it takes up more room on my camera. I really like how I can control all of the editing in camera RAW. I have learned that editing in camera RAW is much easier than editing in Photoshop. I have learned how to correct the exposure and also reduce noise which has come in very handy. I definitely prefer RAW! It makes it so much easy to correct exposure and to make a better looking image with less work, in my opinion. I would definitely say the most important thing that I learned is that I can correct exposure and reduce noise. It makes it so much easier when shooting to not have to worry about exposure as much, though I know you should always try to get it right in camera.

Project 18: Long Exposure

Long Exposure Before and After

Photograph by Alysa Tarrant

SOOC is on the the top.

ISO 100

Aperture f/11

Shutter 1 second

This week for project 18 I decided to use a long exposure photograph I took at Turkey Run over spring break. I actually took this photo for this week. I did my research on long exposure with water. My friend and I went hiking and I brought my tripod and camera. Thankfully, the tripod was light! When researching I learned that for long exposure you definitely want a tripod in order to avoid camera shake. I also learned that you wanted to have a larger aperture to create a deeper depth of field, but also to let less light in. I kept my ISO low since it was a very nice and sunny day out, but also because my shutter speed was a bit longer. It took some experimenting with different settings but I was delighted to discover that it was actually fairly easy to do! However, now that I look at the photos side by side I’m wondering if I should have left some of the contrast from the original image. I almost feel like I dulled it down. However, I’m still incredibly happy with how this photo turned out. It was definitely worth hiking with wet shoes for the rest of the time.